The Marketing Potential of Twitter

The Marketing Potential of

For many of us, todays ever expanding world of social media interaction is a difficult one to grasp. From the birth of sponsored ads on Snapchat to the rise of Instagram influencers advertising their favourite products, social media can prove a tricky marketing channel to keep on top of. However, with over 100,000,000 daily active users, Twitter has consistently provided an effective marketing tool for your business. And with the rising importance of social media for small businesses , twitter is one of the best places to start when utilising a social media marketing channel. But, I hear you ask, why invest so much time into marketing through twitter?

Engaging an audience through informative and interesting content helps improve your twitter influence and gain new followers. Keeping your audience engaged is a great way to build brand loyalty and communicate with customers. The main benefit of Twitter is that it provides a communication tool with customers to update them with current information and gain valuable feedback.

Twitter also gives a chance to liven up your image and help express the personal side of your business. Tweeting about yourself and the people within your business helps you to show your brands personality and create a genuine connection with your existing followers.

Twitter offers an ideal platform for providing customer service, being able to answer queries on your new products in a more personal way. Through this it can help you gain valuable feedback from the customers perspective to take into account when moving your business forward, such as acknowledging growing trends.

Staying ahead within the marketing world can give you an edge, helping to influence your existing following whilst attracting new customers to your business. To find out more about the potential of social media marketing, visit trend to get a free consultation on how we can help you manage your social media marketing channel.


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